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Back to the normal

Back to the normal


We’re finally back to normal.

While still complying with the recommendations of the health authorities and the government on COVID-19, we can once again plan appointments and visits with you.

We continue to work with all the hope of reopening the office as soon as possible and gradually returning to normal.

We have set up phases for the return to work and the opening of offices to the public as follows.
PHASE 0 : 4th May. From this date we can open to the public by appointment and on an individual basis. The attention will be done with mask and gloves and we also ask our customers to agree to go to the appointment provided with the same protection.

We will have hydroalcoholic gel available for visitors.

Phase 1: May 11th. Visits can be made with safety measures. It will be necessary to keep the security measure of at least 2 meters, and the displacements will be made each one in his car.

Phase 2: End of June. It is expected that mobility between provinces will be allowed.

We will continue to inform you as information comes in.



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