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Beaches in Mallorca

Beaches in Mallorca

The wonderful beaches in Mallorca are one of the great attractions of the island.

Due to its orography Mallorca offers a great variety of landscapes, and according to this its beaches are also very diverse. In the southeast, specifically in the municipality of Campos, is the beach of Es Trenc, with its 4 kms of white sand and turquoise waters, flanked by dunes and a beautiful pine forest.  Trenc in Mallorquín means broken, cut, because in times past there was a torrent that flowed into the center of the beach and divided it in two, hence its name. This beach is a protected natural spot of incalculable beauty that we encourage you to visit. In recent years, many people have decided to buy a house in Mallorca in this area of the island because of its proximity to the best beaches and the quiet way of life, cycling along the roads, or walking along the roads. Before buying a house in Mallorca or a plot of land to build a house, we invite you to visit the beaches of southeast Mallorca:

Campos : Platja d’ Es Trenc, Ses Covetes, Sa Rapita.

Santanyi : Cala Llombards, Cala Mondragó, S´Amarador, Es Caragol.

Colonia de San Jordi/Ses Salines : Platja d’en Dolç, Es Carbó, Cala Galiota, Platja del Marqués.

Cabrera: The island of Cabrera has been a National Park since 1991. It is located 12 nautical miles (about 19 kms) from Colonia San Jordi.many of these beaches can only be reached on foot or by boat.  From Colonia San Jordi, there are several daily excursions to Cabrera. You can also rent boats for hours to coast the area in search of a cove where you can take a bath or even get to Cabrera. Don’t forget to take your yacht skipper’s homologated permission if you want to rent a boat, and be informed if the boat you are going to rent needs a permit to dock in Cabrera, without which you will not be allowed to go ashore, or bathe anywhere along its coast.

Portocolom: Cala Marçal, Cala Estreta, Cala Mitjana, Platja de S’Arenal.

I don’t want to forget to mention the beaches of Muro in the northeast of the island. Platja de Muro and Son Serra de Marina are two beaches to take into account in our visit to the island.

There are more than a hundred small cricks along the coast of Mallorca, which I invite you to discover in your next stay.

I am sure I don’t have to remind you how important it is, that we all help to preserve the beaches, keeping them clean and avoiding leaving, papers, leftovers of food, cigarettes, etc. …

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