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Cedula de habitabilidad

Cedula de habitabilidad

Cédula de habitabilidad in 4 questions:
What is it?
It is the document that certifies that a dwelling or premises meets the minimum conditions of measurement, hygiene and facilities suitable for housing people.
Is it compulsory?
Yes, this document is necessary in order to rent or sell a property. It is also required when registering for water, gas or electricity services. If you are going to need a mortgage to buy your home, the bank will most likely ask you for it in order to assess your application for financing.
Who does it?
If the cédula is issued and valid and you cannot find the document, you can request a duplicate from a Housing Agency in your area.
If the property has never had a certificate of habitability or it has expired: You must apply for a new one with an architect, quantity surveyor or building engineer and request a Certificate of Habitability endorsed by your professional association. A visual inspection of the property will be carried out to check whether or not it complies with current regulations. Once the certificate is in possession, it must be submitted to the corresponding administration along with the rest of the necessary documentation.
When is it due?
This varies depending on the year in which the certificate was approved:
Certificates for new/used housing granted before 2004: 10 years.
Certificates for new/used housing granted between 2004 and 2012: 15 years.
Certificates granted from 2013 onwards: for dwellings of first occupation, 25 years and for refurbishment and second occupation, 15 years.
In Mallorca, the cedula de habitabilidad is valid for 10 years.

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