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Paella simple recipe

Paella simple recipe

The orchard in Majorca is excellent, the quality that its vegetables and fruits offer us make us enjoy its aroma, its taste….

That’s why a fresh vegetable rice is a fantastic plan for your free time, if you like to cook outdoors … in Mallorca.

Here’s a short recipe: Ingredients: Garlic, parsley, olive oil, salt, bay leaf, saffron branch, 4 artichokes, 10 pods of green beans, 2 fresh tomatoes grated, 2 ñoras or 2 or 3 sundried tomatoes, 2 leeks, 8 mushrooms, brown rice (50 grs per person), 125 cc vegetable broth/50 grs of Brown rice.

Fry the ingredients, finally the rice and then add the vegetable broth and let it boil first over a high heat and then over a low heat until the liquid is consumed, 20-30′. Cover the paella for 5’ before to serve for the rice to finish the cooking with the steam.

While it is being made, we can have a glass of Mallorcan wine and enjoy the moment.

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