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Projects and Reforms

Preciosa Homes can help you in the process of reforming your property. We offer a Project Management service to follow up on the renovation work during your absence and coordinate it so that it is done as efficiently as possible.

We are in contact with the best professionals in each sector to facilitate the work and get a job well done, we like to recover the character of the typical architecture of Mallorca in the houses that we help to reform, also in new houses we seek to adapt each project to the needs of each client, proposing the professionals we consider most appropriate to customize the project. Since 1997 when we started our activity, the first project was the reform of two floors in the old town of Palma and since then we have supervised several projects of New Works, and the reform of not a few village houses, work that we love because helping to recover the arches back, or the walls of marés or stone often hidden under layers of paint or false partitions, we are very enriching, to reform a house in Mallorca, the most important thing is to have a committed team, knowledgeable of the Regulations, competent and whom to trust. Preciosa Homes can offer you a reliable team with which to conceive the reform of your property.


Follow-up of works of integral rehabilitation of rustic property with old houses. 2017-2018, Campos, Balearic Islands

Homestaging work

We have rescued the elements of typical Mallorcan architecture that had been hidden under layers of lime and paint, or behind added partitions, and we have valued a village house abandoned and neglected over the years, for sale. Campos, Balearic Islands. 2017

Coordination and Supervision 

Follow-up of the works of integral rehabilitation of village house. Campos, Balearic Islands. 2018-2019

Promotion and Project Management

This project is still ongoing. Comprehensive Rehabilitation of village house in Campos. 2019