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Vacational Rent Legal Note

The Balearic Islands, like many other tourist destinations, have initiated a restrictive policy in relation to tourist rental.

In recent years, tourist rental has quadrupled the supply in an uncontrolled manner, which has led to a thorough study by the administration in order to establish rules that allow the activity to develop in an orderly manner.

In July 2018 there has been the latest amendment to the Tourism Act (Law 6/2017 amending Law 8/2012 of tourism in the Balearic Islands, relating to the marketing of tourist stays in housing) which provides for the zoning of the Balearic Islands and determines the areas Aptas for vacation rental.

Therefore, the first thing you have to do is apply to your local council for a zoning certificate in order to know which areas are allowed for tourist rental.

If tourist rental is allowed in your area, you must know that the property must be at least 5 years old and have a certificate of habitability as well as paying the corresponding taxes.

There are currently three types of holiday rental:

Single-family house, on rustic or urban land: The licence granted for this type of rental is property and definitive and is obtained by purchasing places in the Consortium’s stock exchange.

Multi-family housing, in Community of owners: The Community of owners has to approve the authorization of vacation rental. It is temporary, lasts 5 years and must be renewed at the end of each period. The rate is of /plaza.

-Rent of Main Housing: It is allowed to rent for a maximum period of 60 days a year in the main housing, allowing the coexistence during this period with the tenants as long as they have been informed at all times and have shown their agreement.

If you would like us to help you manage your licence, do not hesitate to contact us.


Ley de turismo vigente
Ley 6/2017 de modificación de la Ley 8/2012 del turismo de las Illes Balears, relativa a la comercialización de estancias turísticas en viviendas

Ley del Impuesto sobre estancias turísticas
Ley 2/2016, de 30 de marzo, del impuesto sobre estancias turísticas en las Illes Balears  y de medidas de impulso del turismo sostenible

Legislación autonómica vinculada
Decreto-ley 1/2016, de 12 de enero, de medidas urgentes en materia urbanística

Decreto Ley 2/2016, de 22 de enero, de modificación del Decreto Ley 1/2016, de 12 de enero, de medidas urgentes en materia urbanística

Legislación anterior en materia de turismo
Ley 8/2012, de 19 de julio, del turismo de las Islas Baleares

Decreto ley 1/2013, de 7 de junio, de medidas urgentes de carácter turístico y de impulso de zonas turísticas maduras

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Legislación estatal vinculada
Ley 29/1994, de 24 de noviembre, de Arrendamientos Urbanos
Artículo 5. Arrendamientos excluidos del ámbito de aplicación de esta ley.